Jumping on trampolines, jumping into foam or airbag pits and otherwise using equipment in a trampoline park is inherently dangerous, not unlike any other extreme sport.  Participants and parents must accept these risks, and also take responsibility for following posted rules to minimize these risks.  Our staff is well trained and our equipment is designed to make the facility as safe as possible, but notwithstanding all that we do, we cannot eliminate the risk of injury.

Please take time to read and understand the rules below, and watch our safety video before participating in our facility.

All participants require a liability waiver.  If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign for the minor.

Warning: The use of trampoline equipment, foam and air bag pits, slack lines, gymnastics and tumbling are risky recreational activities that may result in serious injury, paralysis, death or damage to property or third parties.


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As in most recreational sports, participants may be injured.

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Trampolines are FUN, and take the WORK out of workout! A good workout does not have to be work. We can discover the health benefits of trampolines where FUN is the focus and exercise is just something that happens along the way! Jumping on trampolines gets your heart pumping, your lungs breathing heavy and will make you break a sweat. But you don’t even notice, because jumping on trampolines is so much fun!